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Background & Overview

Hospice and Palliative Care Association of Zimbabwe (HOSPAZ) is a national membership body, registered in Zimbabwe in 1999 as a private voluntary organisation (PVO 13/99). It has over 120 members who provide a wide range of comprehensive services throughout the country. The members comprise of palliative care service providers (hospices, home-based care & OVC care organisations, support groups of PLHIV and hospitals), with at least one member in each of the 62 districts. The organisation’s mission is to promote palliative care and support palliative care service providers, through capacity development, advocacy and membership coordination.

HOSPAZ has highly qualified program staff, most of whom are health professionals, trained and extensively experienced in various areas of programming. The staff complement includes qualified and experienced finance and monitoring and evaluation officers. The organisation has recently gone through an Organizational Capacity Assessment whose purpose was to assess the organizations; Governance, Administration, Human resources management, Financial Management, Organizational Management, Program Management and Compliance and Program Performance Management. The overall assessment score on all areas revealed that HOSPAZ is a sound organisation.


“Palliative Care for all”


Promote palliative care and to support palliative care providers in Zimbabwe through capacity development, coordination and advocacy.


Promotion of a comprehensive health systems approach to quality care for all in order to relieve pain and suffering of individuals, families and communities affected by life threatening and chronic illness


All decisions and activities undertaken by HOSPAZ are guided by the following values;